Other Things You Can Get Done at the Salon

I’ve been lucky to have a great salon near me who have provided some of the designs on this blog. But I’ve started to look into some of the other services they have on offer too:

Laser hair removal – I’m a big fan of this and it isn’t nearly as painful as I thought it was going to be. It basically offers a permanent reduction in hair removal, yes it can be a touch expensive but the long term results I’m really impressed with! Read more about the treatment here. You can also get home devices which sometimes work out cheaper.

Waxing – another form of hair removal and one I mostly use before special occasions like a holiday and weddings. Yes it’s pretty painful but I think waxing can reduce hair growth too. At least for me it regrows a little finer, and theres no better way to get silky smooth legs. For more information read this page.

Tanning – Spray tanning actually can work really well. Gone are the days where it left you looking…orange. Just don’t overdo it. Once the tan has developed (the next day usually) it looks fantastic and natural. Like waxing it’s best for special occasions or where you want to look your best. It’s best to stay away from sunbeds, they can be very very dangerous….

Womansmag have an article with more info on the procedure.

Makeup – No matter how good you think you are at something there’s always someone better. When people actually have the job of making people look amazing it really shows. They also offer other services like hd brows, eyelash tinting and shaping, flare lashes etc. It’s cool to try this out at least once!

Nails – the nail services differ massively from one salon to the next, with some offering the bare minimum manicure and gel nails. Some, like mine offer really cool nail art complete with a wide range of materials (glitter, crystals).

Facial treatments – These cover a wide range of treatments which a lot of salons do. There’s the usual facials but also wrinkle reducing procedures like chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. Even facials are split into dozens of other categories which provide different effects (anti ageing, balancing, cleansing etc)

Massage – My local salon doesn’t do these but I know a few which do and they’re great to get once in a while. Especially if you’re having trouble with pain and posture. A good masseuse can actually work wonders. Like all of these treatments, you should get a referral from someone you trust. Like everything – treatments can be done very well and very badly.

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