Wicked Nail Art

Hello!  Today I have a few of my Wicked Nail Art manis to show you, plus a few swatches from the Wicked Polish line by Rylee!  I’ve been posting just the nail art on Instagram, but I’m going to blog these in little groups to make it easier.  So today I have two to show you.

First up is the famous Pox, a white jelly based polish with neon pink and orange glitters.  My favorite pairing for this is Orly Decades of Dysfunction.  They are a match made in heaven, so that’s what I used for this swatch.  This is one coat of Pox over DOD with top coat.  This polish is a must have for your collection if you can be quick enough to get your hands on it!

The nail art I did with this polish was a neon gradient and some matching polka dots… It is named Pox after all so I immediately thought of dots.  I did the gradient and the dots with China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, Sun of a Peach, and Bottoms Up.  I topped the gradient with one coat of Pox.

The next polish is called Priapism.  This is sometimes lost in the shuffle of the more popular Wicked Polish shades and it shouldn’t be!  This polish is one of my faves!  A gorgeous blurple jelly that is best layered over a similar shade or even black.  It has glitter flecks and a pink shimmer to it.  Who knew Priapism could look so good?! Bahaha.  This swatch is one coat over China Glaze Fancy Pants.  The color is showing more purple on my screen than it really is but I know it looks different on every screen.

The nail art I did for this was a simple random tape mani.  I thought that Orly Pixie Powder glitter polish looked so pretty with it!  This combo would also look great with half moons or a ruffian mani!


These polishes are sold on WickedPolish.com and also through the international retailer harlowandco.org.  They sell out extremely fast so be sure to follow Wicked Polish on Instagram (@wickedpolish) and like the Facebook fan page for updates on restocks and new releases!

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