Painted Polish: Swatches & Review, Part 1

Hi beauties! This is my first post featuring my new blog design!! I’m so excited for the new look! My blog designer is amazing and did exactly what was ME! Love it!
Today I have a new indie brand to show you.  The Painted Polish line is made by Lexi, and she started out fabulously on trend with some textured neons. Always exciting in my book! AND… Lexi has given me a discount code to share with you guys!! Read to the end for the discount code!
The formula on all of these was great. These are all polishes with a “sand” kind of texture.  These can also be smooth with top coat, but I love the texture thing going on so I left them all alone.  The polish is a little on the thicker side but is not goopy at all. It goes exactly where you put it and doesn’t move. I didn’t clean up at all… So don’t mind the tiny glitter flecks I only noticed when I blew up the photos on my computer. I was thinking I was so cool with my perfect painting! Not. Good enough. So let’s see the polish!
First up is Nova. This is a neon pink jelly base with matte neon pink and holo glitter for a touch of sparkle. The photo isn’t showing as bright as it is in real life. Bummer with neons! This is two coats. Perfect hot pink!
This is Pulsar, a neon green jelly base with matte neon green and holo glitter again for a bit of bling. Super neon green! Love it! This is two coats.
Neutron is the blue version of the last two polishes, except this one is in a clear base. This can be layered over another color or is opaque on its own in three coats. I used three coats for the photo.
Now we have Solar Flare, which is the yellow version! Hilighter yellow polish? Yes, please! This one has a neon yellow base so I only needed two coats.
The next few polishes have multi-colored glitter in the same texture formula. These are so fun! This one is Aurora.  This has tiny neon matte glitter in blue, yellow, pink, and a but of holo in a clear base. I used three coats.
Next up is Nebula. I think this might be my fave! It’s got the perfect amount of sparkle and of course it doesn’t pick up nearly as accurately on camera! The mini holo glitters are so fitting! This also has neon matte pink and yellow glitter in a clear base. Two coats.
Last but not least, I have Galactic. This one is gorgeous too. This is matte neon pink and blue glitter with a bit of holo in a clear base. I used two coats.
Lexi did an amazing job with these polishes. They can be purchased in her store  Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram (@nailsbylexi) for store updates.

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