Lovely Lacquer: Spring 2013 Collection

Okay.  So, wow.  I’ve been on hiatus. Haha. Oh, Hello! Well, I got married on April 6th, and let’s just say… it was a BUSY time! So worth all the planning! But I’m back, so let’s see if I can get back in the game! I have to say I’ve missed it!

So today I have Lovely Lacquer‘s Spring 2013 collection.

“May Flowers” is a bright pink milky base polish with medium bright pink hex glitter, small yellow and green glitter, and micro bright pink glitter. This one probably has the most glitter so the formula is a teeny bit thicker than the rest, but definitely not hard to work with. It goes onto the nail easily.  This is two thin coats.

“Tutti-Fruitti” has a light pink milky base with medium teal and bright pink round glitter and small teal glitter. This is one of my favorites!  I love the color combo and I heart the round glitter trend I’m seeing this spring!  Formula was great!  This is two easy coats.

“Hugs & Kisses” has a light purple milky base with large bright pink hex glitter, medium red hex glitter, small white glitter, and bright pink micro glitter.  Very interesting color combo, but it works!  This was one of the best formulas of the bunch, super smooth and easy peasy to apply!  This is two thin coats.

“April Showers” is a light blue milky base polish with medium teal and royal blue glitters, small white glitter and black micro glitter.  My favorite of the bunch!  I’m usually a fan of anything pink but this one surprised me! The formula was perfection!  This is two easy coats.

Last but not least, “Wish Me Luck” is a light green milky base with different sized yellow and green glitter. Another great color combo in this one!  This one is a tad thicker than the others because there seems to be a bit more glitter, but again, still easy to work with!

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