Best Nails from Pinterest

I’m sure you all know pinterest, I actually spend hours every week on it looking through the pages. It’s becoming quite an addiction! But I do come across some amazing nail designs. Here are some of my favourites.

I’m absolutely in love with the marble design on this one! It looks perfect, I really need to learn how to replicate that effect. The matte colours are also a soft spot of mine.

These look hard to do but very worth the effort. I think the matte grey is used as a base and then the design is pained on top. Obviously really hard to do yourself. Look how close some of those lines are!

Wow the one second from left, looks like something out of a science fiction movie. I believe it’s painted onto the white base with a gradual color change to give that effect. It almost looks like the nail itself has changed shape.

I actually have no idea how these triangles are done, will have to ask the next time I’m at the salon. Thinking it’s very delicately painted on. The other nails look great too with their gradual gradient design. Again it’s in a lovely matte color.

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