Wicked Nail Art!

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Hey guys!! So I have a TON of Wicked Polishes to swatch that my dear friend Rylee has given me over the months. I know you’ve all seen swatches, right? I hope so! Well, I decided to swatch mine a little differently. The whole “wicked” thing fits perfectly with the month of October so I decided to do a Wicked Nail Art “Challenge,” and I want all my fellow Wicked Polish lovers to join in the fun!

So I made a calendar of sorts with dates and each polish. I’m going to get as creative as possible with each polish instead of doing the normal “swatch.” So for example, October 1 is “Drunk in Public.” On October 1 or anytime up until the next date listed, post your Wicked Creation to your social media of choice and hashtag with #wickednailart. Fun, right? There’s no rules, no prize, no level of skill required! I just wanted to do something fun for this line I have to swatch and I wanted to let everyone else in on the fun!  I’ll be blogging my creations (hopefully LOL) for each prompted polish with a tutorial or some kind of explanation of how I did what I did. Are you ready? Yay! Below is the date list for what polishes I’ll be using on what date.  Feel free to share this on you social media pages, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! Only have a few? Great! Just join the days you have! If you want to do all the days or if you don’t own any Wickeds, maybe the other days you can do “inspired” manis if you wanted to do every day. Just do a mani inspired by the name or colors! Just an idea 🙂 I’ll be back soon with my first Wicked mani! For updates on Wicked Polish release dates and launches follow the Facebook page and @wickedpolish on Instagram.  That is the first place any announcements regarding restocks will be!

Different Dimension: Fall 2013 Swatches & Review

Well, hello, my friends! It’s been awhile. I am having some camera issues. My camera just stopped turning on! I’m so sad! But I think I’ve figured something out. We’ll see how this works!  It feels good to be back 🙂

Today I have eight amazing polishes from the 2013 Different Dimension Fall Collection.  Lots of swatches!

This is Dueling Unicorns, a bright purple linear holo.  I can’t love this more.  It’s just magical.  First photo is indoors and the second is direct sunlight. Three coats, no top coat. Nessie’s Revenge is a bright, true green linear holo.  This was definitely the most holographic of the four in this collection and easily my favorite. 

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Different Dimension: Silenced the Lambs Halloween 2013 Collection

Today I have some more Different Dimension polish for you!  These are four polishes that make up the 2013 Halloween collection inspired by the movie Silence of the Lambs.  The names on these are so great!

Good Evening, Clarice (do you read it in Hannibal’s voice?  I do! Hahaha!) is a pastel lime green scattered holographic polish that also glows in the dark!  The glow on this one is pretty intense, even without a white base!  I’m absolutely horrid at capturing glow photos, but you get the idea! Haha.  This is three coats, no top coat.  Perfect for trick-or-treating!

It Rubs the Lotion on Its Skin is a black and orange slightly textured polish.  This is an awesome Halloween polish!  I love this one!  Great formula

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