Painted Polish: Swatches & Review, Part 2

Hello!  Today I have the glitter toppers from Painted Polish to show you.  They are all bright and colorful for summer!  There’s actually two that I’m not going to include in this post because I’m not happy with the photos and I’ve redone them both way too many times.  I will see how they come out on Instagram, and I may just post there.  If not, there will be a part 3 coming your way.  Haha.

First up is Tecktonik.  This is a mix of dark pink, orange, green, and silver glitters in all different shapes and sizes. Total glitter bomb!  That yellow looking glitter piece is just a green glitter shining in the light.  Formula was great, plenty of glitter coverage.  This is one coat over OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons.

The next one is Wild Thing.  This is a cute mix of small hot pink, green, and white squares with micro black squares.  Another great formula with plenty of glitter coverage.  This is one coat over Essie Shake Your $$ Maker.

Last one is Rave Candy.  This was my fave!  It’s a major glitter bomb with hot pink hearts, stars and medium hexes, small gold squares, and small blue hexes.  Same with this one, great formula and glitter coverage.  This is one coat over Face Shop BL602.

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These can be purchased at   Make sure to be a Facebook fan and follow Lexi (@nailsbylexi) on Instagram for shop updates and info!

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