Polish Me To Go: Nail Art

Hello!  Finally some nail art!!  Today I have some glow-in-the-dark polishes by Polish Me To Go!  These are the brightest glowing polishes I’ve ever tried!  Rather than swatching, I decided to do some nail art with these to show the cool ways you can use glowing polish.  I’m taking my nephew to Disneyland tomorrow so I figured this was a great opportunity to test the glow!

First of all, all of the glow polishes were put over a one coat base of Polish Me To Go’s White Undies.  This helps the color pop and also brings out the glow.  This white went on easily and I only needed one quick coat.

For the design, the main color I used was I’m So Blue.  The formula on this one was super goopy, even after I thinned it out a bit. I worked with it, but I definitely needed to clean up after it.  I find that sometimes blues can be that way, so hopefully that was it.  Definitely worth it in my opinion after I saw how it glowed!  Aqua! I love it!  This was used on the pinky and the index fingers, two coats.  The dots on the index were done using a dotting tool and black polish.

For the ring finger, I used Sinful Colors Wisp as a base.  I wanted the base for this finger to not glow so my design would.  For the heart design, I painted two coats of I’m So Blue over a piece of scotch tape.  I followed up with Aqua Mo’ Glow Popper Topper.  This is a semi clear topper that boosts the glow status!  I wanted to use this for the heart to make sure the design would glow.  It worked!  I cut the heart out of the scotch tape with small scissors and stuck it on my nail and covered with top coat.

For the middle finger, I used Snow Glow, a white glowing polish.  This one also glows aqua, and the formula on this one was much better!  No Problems.  This color is great for nail art!  I painted black stripes with a Kiss nail art pen.

For anyone wondering… my thumb was painted black. Haha.

I was so impressed with the glow power of these polishes!  Amazing!  The goopy blue was disappointing but like I said… once I saw that aqua glow, I was willing to write that off!  Also, as with most glow-in-the-dark formulas, the glow pigment tends to settle, so these need to be shaken well before use!

And here is the finished design!

Polish Me To Go can be purchased at polishmetogo.com.  Follow @polishmetogo on Instagram for restocks and new releases!

These products were provided for review.

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