Polish Me To Go: Nail Art

Hello!  Finally some nail art!!  Today I have some glow-in-the-dark polishes by Polish Me To Go!  These are the brightest glowing polishes I’ve ever tried!  Rather than swatching, I decided to do some nail art with these to show the cool ways you can use glowing polish.  I’m taking my nephew to Disneyland tomorrow so I figured this was a great opportunity to test the glow!

First of all, all of the glow polishes were put over a one coat base of Polish Me To Go’s White Undies.  This helps the color pop and also brings out the glow.  This white went on easily and I only needed one quick coat.

For the design, the main color I used was I’m So Blue.  The formula on this one was super goopy, even after I thinned

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Polished By KPT

Hello! Happy Saturday! Today I have some of the coolest polishes out there! The latest indie trend is a thermal polish, a polish that changes color depending on a hot or cold temperature. So cool! Polished by KPT seems to have this trend in the palm of her hand. I have three gorgeous polishes from her line to show you.  Katherine seems to have her formulas down to perfection, so to avoid repetition, I’ll say it now.

The formula on all these polishes were just perfect!  Also, the color change on these is so unpredictable. For photos, I stick my nails in water to show you how they change, but with regular wear, the color changes from one color to the other or sometimes is a mix of both all throughout the day!  You never know what

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Nail Art: Studs

Hi, all!  Well, I broke another nail. Boo!  So I filed down quite a bit so they can all be even.  Sometimes it feels good to get a fresh start! Nail Envy and Essie Millionails to the rescue!

Today I have a simple mani to share in a quick post.  This is a good way to get the “nail art” look, but it’s super simple for everyone!  All you have to do is pick a few colors you like and add some studs!  There you go!

For this look I used a couple colors from the Summer Neon Collection by China Glaze.  They are both the creme formula.  I used two coats over one coat of white to help the color pop.  The purple is That’s Shore Bright, and the orange is Sun of a Peach.  Absolutely not completely color accurate. 

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Different Dimension: Swatches and Review, Part III

More Different Dimension!! Haha! This isn’t even the last!  I have six more to show you, but today I have two polishes from a You’ve Got a Friend in Me duo set.

The first in this set is To Infinity & Beyond, a glitter topper that glows in the dark!  This polish has green, purple and white glitter in a clear base.  I used one coat over two easy coats of Face Shop PP401.  This is going to be my go-to polish for Disneyland!  I have an annual pass and go all the time! This is perfect 🙂  Also, I took glowing photos and accidentally deleted them!  Boo! I’m so sad! But this glows green in the dark!

The second polish in this set is Reach For the Sky, a yellow crelly with red, yellow square, and iridescent glitters. 

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