Disturbed Potions: Review & Swatches

Soooo… my index nail that had split way down the side a while ago finally gave out. I had been using orly Nail Rescue on it so it grew out to the white part, but now it’s a nub! I apologize in advance. Haha!

Anyway, today I have a few polishes from Disturbed Potions.  The names of these polishes are so raunchy!  I love it! Annette also makes natural skin care products.  I’m trying a few she sent me. I’m loving her Dimply Butt Butter for my cuticles so far! It can be used for SO many other things too!

The first polish I have is called Edible Undies.  *Giggles* This is a neon, highlighter yellow crelly base with neon pink & holographic pink butterflies, and different sized green glitters.  This polish is so pretty for summer!  The glitter came out perfectly, even given this was a mini bottle.  Minis are sometimes very difficult to work with, but not with this!  The formula was fantastic!  This is three thin coats with top coat.

Next up is Full-on Cowgirl. *Giggles again* This one is a white milky base filled with neon pink square and hex glitters in all different sizes. Neon seems to be the trend for summer, and this one fits right in! Again, formula was great on this one also. Neon glitters, especially the larger sized ones, sometimes can be difficult to fish out. I had no problem with this and it was a mini bottle! This is three thin coats and top coat.

Lastly, I have a special polish, Boston Blue. This one isn’t for sale. Sorry! Annette made this a memorial polish for the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing. I’ll just show it off here 🙂 It’s a beautiful iridescent purple with blue and silver glitters and iridescent flakies. So pretty!

Disturbed Potions can be purchased at DisturbingBehavior.net. Follow Annette on Instagram @playwanet for updates and shop info!

These products were provided for review.

Disclosure:  Although the products provided were fantastic, I feel the need to disclose that the packaging they arrived in had a strong cigarette smoke type of odor.  Please be aware of this before placing an order.  The products themselves were not affected at all, so my review remains the same.

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