Untried Indies – Days 5, 6, 7 & 8

Wow!  Do I have some catching up to do! Time really gets away from me sometimes. I’m still on top of doing at least one untried indie per day, sometimes more!  Yay!  Let’s see how long this lasts.  Haha! I’ve been posting on Instagram but I want to also post these here so I can get into a little bit more detail.

So for Day 5, I have another KB Shimmer.  I was so in love with Hex Appeal that I had to try my other KB Shimmer right away!  This is called Watercolor.  OMG!  In the bottle this just looks “pretty” to me.  Once I slapped this on my nails, it was love at first sight! OMG again!  Haha!  It has the most beautiful bright blue crelly base.  So, so pretty!  It’s packed with two sizes of purple glitters, large blue hex, pink and magenta hex glitter, and finally some micro pink and silver holographic glitters.  And in typical KB Shimmer fashion, the formula was perfection.  No problems applying at all.  This is two clean coats with topcoat.  Heaven!  KB Shimmer can be found at www.kbshimmer.com.

 For Day 6 I’ve used a polish from Laquerlicious by Michelle Neasbitt. This is called Strawberry Cosmo.  I feel like I die over every polish, you guys, but come on!  These are all so gorgeous!  This is a hot magenta pink color jelly base polish PACKED with sparkle!!  I couldn’t ask for more!  This is definitely my new favorite polish.  And it doesn’t photograph half as sparkly as it is in real life.  Boo!  Glitter alert!  Dead. Haha!  This polish can be purchased at www.etsy.com/shop/laquerliciousunity.  Also you can follow the owner on Instagram @creativenailchick.

On to Day 7…  I have another Hare Polish.  This is from the Fall Collection and it’s called King of Carat Flowers.  This is a light gray jelly base with gold, lavender and yellow glitters.  Reminds me of the Lakers.  Yes! The polishes in this collection have super sheer bases and tons of glitter, so to prevent a glitter overload (is there such a thing?) I use undies for these.  The base I chose went perfectly.  I chose Sation Feliz Navi-Doll, which is a sheer grey shimmer crelly.  It didn’t overpower the polish and gave it the perfect base it needed.  This polish can be purchased from www.llarowe.com.

Sheesh.  Sick of reading yet? I’m not going this long again.  PITA.  Last one.  

For Day 8 I used a few polishes.  All untrieds.  Sad.  I started with Lime Crime in Lavendairy.  Lime Crime’s pastels are nothing short of amazing.  A bright pastel?  Yes please!  Then I layered Lynnderella Bride of Franken on top of that.  It gave it an awesome purplish blue shimmer.  I wanted more.  I decided to try my Nabi Purple Jumbo Glitter so I slapped that on too.  OMG!!!  It was shimmery, colorful, rainbow glitter goodness!  SO so pretty!  I didn’t want to take it off! I also got a new clip on lens for my iPhone and wanted to try it out so I included a macro shot of this glitter too.  Look for Lynnderellas on eBay.  She is the seller.

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