Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nail Obsessed

So there's this teeny tiny nail salon I found hidden in my area that I am in love with. Not gonna lie, it's a pretty penny... But the quality and service is amazing!! It's a Japanese salon and there are only four girls working the whole salon. The training they go through is crazy!

I have jumped on the gel bandwagon and I love it!! I hate acrylic nails. My nails are so extremely paper thin, it's just a sad story, and acrylics used to be my only choice besides a manicure that lasted two days. Well, gel is my lifesaver. I still have to keep my nails short or the damn things will break even under gel, but they last a good three weeks!! And only then there's never a chip, only the growth. And I feel like I should say... This is NOT the gel common nail salons use. I've tried that when I was trying to save money. Lasts a week and a half tops. This is very good quality gel... No cheap crap.

And my favorite part??? THE CHOICES! THE GLITTER! THE RHINESTONES!! Haha! I'm obsessed! Well, I got my nails done today so the first pic is from today but I'll add a few more so you can see how awesome they are.


  1. Going to try looks really fun and not overly difficult!

  2. WOW!!! those are some beautiful nails... There aren't many nail salons near me that do beautiful designs like that, they all specialize in tacky airbrush designs :( jealous!!

  3. Awesome, can you please share what brand and color is the silver glitter polish?

    1. It's gel. The silver is loose glitter mixed with clear gel.

    2. It's gel. The silver is loose glitter mixed with clear gel.